A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

* Lasers and guns to kill those zombies!

* Play through Many Different worlds including deserts, mountains and creepy forests
* Realistic Physics with big hills to climb, and steep hills to slide!
* Upgrade and customise your vehicle's wheels, engine, fuel and suspension to super speeds and amazing powers
* Infinite maps to race and drive through, also infinitely FUN!!!
* Buggy racing, Ute racing, car racing and NEW vehicles to be added!
* Bigger Wheels, hotter Wheels, Larger wheels! Race through victory
* Featuring the undead zombies and blitzing cars, drive through bumpy hills.

Best 2D Racing Vehicle Game EVER!

Install instructions


Simply run the exe on Windows and it should direct you to downloading java.

For Mac and Linux, simply run the .jar file and it should also notify you if java isn't installed.


Racing The Undead.exe 17 MB
RacingTheUndead.jar 17 MB

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